Amishi Jha's Mindfulness Briefing at the Pentagon

ny times jha mindfulnessUMindfulness Research Featured in the NY Times           

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mindful piatt jha mindfulnessUMindfulness Research Featured in Mindful Magazine

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To Train an ANew York Times articlethlete, Add 12 minutes of meditation to the Daily Mix
NY Times article about our recent MBAT findings in football players.

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Mindful Article The Science of Taming the Wandering Mind
Wherever attention goes the rest of the brain follows—in some sense, attention is your brain’s boss. But is it a good boss and can we train it?

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Mindfulness training ‌Building Mental Toughness off the Field
A new study reveals that mindfulness training, but not relaxation training, benefits college athletes' attention. Practice engagement and program adherence are key..

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TEDx Coconut Grove
Watch Amishi’s Tedx Coconut Grove talk here. “Taming Your Wandering Mind”.